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        Baotou Rare Earth Enterprise Association "rare earth market seminar" held in Baotou

        發布日期:2017-07-28 | 瀏覽次數:1173

        On November 22, the "Rare Earth Market Seminar" hosted by Baotou Rare Earth Enterprises Association was held in Baotou Rare Earth Building. Baotou Rare Earth (Group) Company General Manager Zhang Zhong, Shanxi Magnetic Materials Alliance Advisor, Zhongke Sanhuan Yuxian Jingxiu Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Hou Dezhu, Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute Information Center Director Song Hongfang, Baotou City Economic and Information Commission Rare Earth Industry Director Tong Yanru attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


          The meeting was chaired by Wang Chengyin, Secretary General of Baotou Rare Earth Enterprise Federation. He introduced the original intention of the meeting. Due to the recent ups and downs in the rare earth market, many companies have the feeling of seeing the price in a fog, and it is difficult to grasp. Therefore, we hope to predict the future trend of the rare earth market through thorough analysis of experts and industry insiders.

        First of all, Zhang Zhong, general manager of Baotou Rare Earth, expressed his gratitude to the guests who attended the meeting. He emphasized that the production and sales of magnetic materials account for a relatively large proportion of the light rare earths of Baotou Rare Earth. Therefore, the experts have He is more concerned about the forecast, and he hopes that the expert's interpretation can take the pulse of our corporate development.

           General Manager Hou Dezhu, an expert in magnetic materials, gave a report entitled "China NdFeB Market Situation and Technical Development Direction". He analyzed and discussed the situation of China's NdFeB market from four aspects. The first is about the evaluation of the national NdFeB production capacity; the second is about the analysis of the domestic and foreign NdFeB application markets and the future development and trend; the third is about the global production status of sintered NdFeB and the future technological development direction and trend ; The fourth is about the impact of the development of the NdFeB market on upstream rare earth companies. Finally, President Hou specifically pointed out that the price fluctuations of rare earths in the past two years have had a greater impact on the purchase of raw materials and cost control by downstream companies. The trend of downstream companies to remove rare earths is more obvious. A serious damage, hope that the price of rare earth raw materials can stabilize.

           Director Song Hongfang of the Information Center of Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute gave a report entitled "The Status Quo and Development Trend of China's Rare Earth Industry". In the report, she used the following key words to analyze the status quo of the rare earth industry: "production", "consumption", "export", "black industry chain", and "large group". Under each key word, she explained it with detailed data. The keywords also include "the digestion of production capacity", "the impact of price fluctuations on the consumption structure", "controversy over export quotas", "combating illegal exploitation and sales", and "integrating rare earth resources in various regions". problem. For the future, she mentioned that cleaner production, energy conservation and environmental protection are the development trends of our rare earth industry. The rare earth industry should improve China's overall competitiveness in the international rare earth market by optimizing the industrial layout.

        Director Tong Yanru of the Rare Earth Industry Development Department of Baotou City Economic and Information Commission introduced the specific content of the "Baotou Rare Earth Industry Medium and Long-term Development Plan" that is being revised. She pointed out that the development plan was formulated to address the "Baotou Rare Earth Industry Development Plan" Questions such as how to develop" and "what kind of industrial chain to design" are forward-looking and instructive. She hopes that the participants can put forward their own ideas on the imperfect plan, so that the plan can play its due role in the development of Baotou's rare earth industry. Director Tong Yanru also publicized and interpreted the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Rapid Development of the Rare Earth Industry" just released by the Baotou Municipal Government, hoping that rare earth companies can find policy support suitable for their own development.

          From the development of specific industries to the planning of the local rare earth industry, from the micro to the macro, the introduction and interpretation of the experts at this meeting will have certain guiding significance for the rare earth industry in Baotou and even the rare earth industry in the country. The Baotou Rare Earth Enterprise Federation is a link that connects industry experts, companies and the government, builds a platform for exchanges and discussions for them, and promotes the development of the industry.