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        質量為本,誠信為先,我們只做客戶信賴的產品corporate cultureCurrent location:home > About us > corporate culture

        一、 Corporate culture positioning

                1. Adhere to people-oriented, promote the development of productivity with technology, build quality inside, and shape image outside;

                2. Persist in innovative management to develop and improve the quality of the enterprise;

                3. Persist in quality to win, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with high quality.

        二、 Corporate philosophy

                1. Development philosophy: If you don’t advance, you will retreat.

                As long as you dare to think, act, and be the first, you can overcome difficulties and maintain development.

                2. Benefit concept: Grasping costs and promoting benefits 

                Insisting on saving every penny is equivalent to standing on the shoulders of opponents.

                3. Management philosophy: People make the best use of their talents,

                And make the best use of their materials. Keep decision-making efficient and effective.

                4. Quality concept: Quality is the soul of the product and the life of an enterprise.

                5. Employment concept: Creating people before creating things.

                Use the right people to do the right things.

                6. Survival philosophy: No sense of crisis is a big crisis 

                Crisis comes at any time, and only by taking precautions and responding actively can the crisis be turned into peace.