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        Ministry of industry and information technology and Ministry of natural resources issued the second

        Date of issue:2018-08-03 | Number of visits:1143

        On August 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Ministry of Natural Resources on issuing the second batch of rare earth mining, smelting and separation total control plans in 2018, as follows:


           China Rare Rare Earth Co., Ltd., China Minmetals Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd., China North Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co., Ltd., Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd., China Southern Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group Co., Ltd.:


          After research, the total control plan for the second batch of rare earth mining, smelting and separation in 2018 is now issued to you. The relevant matters are notified as follows:


           1. Rare earths are products that the country strictly implements the total amount control and management of mining, smelting and separation, and no unit or individual must produce unplanned or over-planned production. The 2018 national total control plan for rare earth mining, smelting and separation is 120,000 tons and 115,000 tons respectively.


        2. Each rare earth group must do a good job in decomposing the plan. Within 15 working days of the plan issued by our ministry, after the business is located in the provincial (regional) industry and natural resources department, report the plan decomposing status of the group to Industry and Information Ministry of Chemistry, Ministry of Natural Resources and the competent departments of industry and natural resources of the province (region) where they are located for record.


           Third, the plan should be concentrated on key enterprises with advanced technology and equipment and high environmental protection level. Enterprises with one of the following conditions shall not allocate plans:


           (1) The mining enterprise does not have a mining license or a safe production license, or the relevant competent authority clearly requires the suspension of production for rectification;


           (2) Rare earth smelting and separation enterprises use outdated production processes that have been listed in the banned or eliminated catalog, and the smelting and separation capacity is less than 2000 tons (REO) per year;


           (3) Those failing to meet the requirements of the "Rare Earth Industry Pollutant Discharge Standard";


           (4) Long-term suspension of production and no production conditions.


        4. It is necessary to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection and resource development, organize production in accordance with the plan, and strictly prohibit enterprises from mining rare earth minerals without a license or beyond the boundary; plan enterprises are strictly prohibited from carrying out commissioned processing (including commissioned processing) business, and must not use rare earth enriched materials and mixed rare earths The purchase and processing of rare earth mineral products in disguised form such as compounds, and the use of overseas rare earth resources require complete import procedures.


        5. Unplanned or over-planned production is not allowed. For companies that have over-planned production, purchasing and processing illegal mineral products, polluting the environment, etc., the plan shall be reduced until all plans are cancelled, and the source of illegal minerals shall be strictly investigated, according to law Be punished. 


        6. The relevant provinces (regions) industry and natural resources authorities should cooperate closely to implement supervision responsibilities. The industrial authorities should further regulate the order of rare earth production and operation, strengthen inspections and supervision of the implementation of the plan, and the natural resources authorities should strengthen the exploration and exploitation of rare earth resources. And the management of overlying ore resource recovery projects. All enterprises should truthfully report the plan implementation and production and operation status, upload the data to the rare earth product traceability system on time, and actively promote the establishment of the rare earth product traceability system of their own enterprises.


           Please report the last month's data and production status before the 5th of each month (holidays are postponed) in accordance with the requirements of the statistical report (see attachment 2), and upload the data to the rare earth product traceability system truthfully.