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        The 10th Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum was held on September 10

        Date of issue:2018-08-03 | Number of visits:1206

        The 10th China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum will be held in Baotou Qingshan Hotel on September 10. The forum was hosted by the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Rare Earth Industry Association and China Rare Earth Society, and undertaken by Baotou Municipal People’s Government, the Department of Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Management Committee of Rare Earth High-tech Zone. The theme of the forum is "New Era , New ideas, new kinetic energy".


        The keynote speech of this forum intends to invite government agencies, scientific research institutes, rare earth companies and other representatives and experts and scholars to speak together on the development of the rare earth industry. From the perspectives of the development status and future development trend of the rare earth industry, and the scientific and technological innovation of the rare earth industry, it will serve as China's rare earth industry. High-quality development provides innovative thinking and correct orientation. The conference also set up four sub-forums: "Promotion and Application of Rare Earth Functional Materials", "Rare Earth Market + Finance", "Rare Earth Colorant Industry R&D and Application", "Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Development and Application", authoritative experts and scholars in various fields , Entrepreneurs will give speeches and discussions based on the theme of the sub-forum.


        The purpose of this forum is to show the increasing technological innovation strength and end application industry development achievements of China's rare earth industry, explore new paths for the development of the rare earth industry, plan a "road map" for the high-quality development of the rare earth industry, and enhance China's rare earth industry's global influence.


        China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum has been successfully held for nine consecutive years since 2009, and this year is the tenth. The forum has become a top event in my country's rare earth industry and an important platform for industry-university-research exchanges.

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